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EGNEDOL Limited was formed to bring together a suite of existing technologies and business partners with a broad range of related expertise.



Our aim is to create an environmentally sustainable centre of excellence at the Waterston and Blackbridge sites in Milford Haven.


The Milford Haven project will create around 560 permanent jobs and will support and sustain many other positions within existing businesses in the area. A full range of job types will be created, ranging from senior management to part time operative and administrative positions.


The project includes a significant Research and Development (R+D) facility that will support and advance the technologies operating on the site. The R+D facility will create highly technical and scientific jobs.


The business model for the project is robust, well funded and the industrial activities created by the project will act as a catalyst that will support businesses in the area.


Project partners have been secured and will provide inward investment into the project.

Company Statement: Mon 30th Jan 2017

Egnedol Response to Friends of the Earth & Biofuelwatch

Egnedol would like to respond to some of the points raised in order to ensure that the local residents receive a balanced view of the proposal. Our response in full.

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