Algae production

Algae production is a recognised method of providing sustainable, high value products whilst absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide during the growth cycle.



Commercial production of algae requires heat and carbon dioxide, both of which will be by-products of the power generation system.


The algae production facility will provide a synergistic method of absorbing waste heat and carbon dioxide from the electricity production process to produce sustainable, high quality feedstock for the fish and prawn farms and specialist downstream bio-refined products and fuels for sale off-site.


Production of algae will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the electricity production facility.


A percentage of the Algae from the process will be converted into sustainable liquid aviation and car fuel.


EGNEDOL intends to work closely with Swansea University on this element of the project, where specialist skills in this area have been developed.


Research and development will take place on the site to commercialise this technology.


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