Fish production

EGNEDOL will construct a fish farm on the site to grow Tilapia and other species.



Tilapia fish is widely recognized as a protein source that is rapidly increasing in global demand that may, in a few years, rival that of chicken.


Tilapia require warm water, around 24 degrees centigrade, to thrive. Warm water from the power production facility will be directed to the fish farm to reduce operating costs and maximise efficiency.


Extensive expertise on the sustainable organic farming of Tilapia exists in Wales at Swansea University and EGNEDOL has also identified Greek partners that wish to assist our team to establish a suitable fish farm on the site.


Algae grown on the site will be used to supplement the diet for the fish and to produce  a high quality product.


Waste water from the fish farm will provide a feedstock for the aquaponics sections of the greenhouses.


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